Ethical Fashion & Me

Hello world, indeed. So, that’s it, I’m starting an ethical fashion blog to share my love about fashion combined with ethics and to document my entrepreneurial journey towards building a sustainable fashion brand.


Because I feel that’s the only way for me to approach fashion and because I know that interacting with likeminded people will make me stronger. Because fashion is personal, but related very much to the public sphere. Clothes have a bright future in our wardrobe, but they have a most important past somewhere else. And when we dress to impress, it’s the audience that we’re aiming at.

To wear or to wear not is the dilemma these days.

Because, what we wear needs to be a conscious choice. Not only with regards to colours, textures, style. The “who made my clothes” question is quintessential. Just like the “what are my clothes made from”. Or the “is the environment better or worse off due to my t-shirt collection?”

Welcome to my blog, thank you for reading & I hope you enjoy the ride!


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