Gilda Dress at Athens Fashion Week 2011

Athens Fashion Week  is a prestigious event, just as any other. The particularity of it, well, until 2012 it was not the only one. Two major fashion events in Athens were featuring Greek designers, the second one being the Athens Exclusive Designers Week (because, that’s how it works in Greece, where cooperation is our soft point, I guess). But that’s a rather irrelevant intro to what is about to come.

So, back in 2011, I had the honour to participate at the Athens Fashion Week. It took place at Technopolis, an old gas factory that became a vibrant cultural hub in the area of Gazi, and apart from established designers, it was showcasing fresh designers in the New Generation section, and, yes, you got it, I was one of them.

I decided to show the dress created for the Chic & Ethic project, issue of upcycling and referencing climate change, to the wider public and make it shift from its alternative/experimental framework to a more artsy (or should I say luxury?) one.

umbrella cape styliani

I worked the presentation concept in my head, brought some cinematic magic in it and renamed my bodycon dress with a cape  from ‘Mermaid Dress’ to ‘Gilda Dress’. With the kind cooperation of my model Vasia Roussou and the teams from Fredy Make up Stage and Wang Hair, I got the post-modern Gilda look I was dreaming of.

mix and match styliani

Check out the photos and read the article on the dress at the Shopping Therapy blog. And do share your thoughts, will you?



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