New Waterfront, New Catwalk

You know how things pop out of the blue when you least expect them? Like when you love and get inspired by the urban scenery, the friendly artistic gatherings, non-profit activities et alea and searching for opportunities to connect?

That’s how this year was marked by my participation in the alternative catwalk organised by the non-profit “Friends of the New Waterfront” in Thessaloniki, Greece. I got the chance to create two dresses around the theme of recyclable materials, colourful and summery dresses, and, ta-da, here they are! How do you like them?

Info on the making of coming soon.

NeaPasarela 5

Dress ‘Nets’ made with the basket-weaving technique from old stockings, socks and t-shirts.

NeaPasarela 243.jpg

Dress ‘Greek Summer’ product of up-cycling, made from old shirts, lace and fishnet finishing.


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