How to make the dress ‘Nets’

They called this dress ‘Bodega Veneta’ dress and I have to admit that I was flattered. My idea was simple: the basket-weaving technique put into a conceptual sexy dress made with the upcycling technique. The dress was quite easy to make from a practical point of view. Here’s how:

a) take measurements

b) find some old, colourful stockings, socks and t-shirts and cut them in ribbons as if you had them pass through a shredder. It doesn’t really matter if they’re not evenly cut -the thicker the ribbon, the better.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

c) try weaving the first part directly on your chest, to check that you are allowing for enough elasticity and then you can easily continue on a mannequin

d) be creative with colour combinations -or you can even make the dress with different shades of the same colour, if you prefer

e) start weaving!

NB: You need to add extra ribbons as you go down, especially as you go towards the belly and hips

Good luck and feel free to share the results with me, if you decide to try this out.



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