Save the Sealife Dress: Catwalk at The Hague

Once more I decided to show an upcycled creation (or a Fashion Revolution creation, for that sake). The ‘Who Made My Clothes’ question has been around for a while now and it will around for longer, I assure you.

Raising awareness on two main issues in the clothing industry is the aim of the dress featured here. First and foremost, the dress is called “Sweat” to denote the sweatshop conditions in which most of these branded t-shirts where made and emphasise the need for fair working conditions in the production line of textiles and clothing.

Secondly, the triangular shapes on the sides are meant to reference sea life creatures with ‘wings’ that are dying due to pollution of the waters. Important to note here, for those who are not aware, that the fashion industry comes second when it comes to environmental pollution, right after the oil industry. It might startle many, but it’s a fact, and many NGOs and fashion companies are working hand-in-hand to change that.

The dress was shown at the catwalk organised by Fashion Match 05, a professional event which took place at the Modefabriek in Amsterdam last week. Thanking once more Entrerprise Europe Network Netherlands and the Chamber of Commerce for the initiative.




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