On Slow Fashion & Chilon of Sparta

Chilon of Sparta was one of the Seven Sages in ancient Greece. Why do we need him here?One of his most wise quotes, the following, might help you with your struggles, just like it is helping me with mine. If you happen to be into entrepreneurship:“Do not make too much haste on one’s road.”, Chilon wrote and he is damn right.

I’ve totally forgotten the above quote till last Friday. Then, while chatting with my mum over the phone, explaining that the project is going to the right direction, only really really slowly, she reminded it to me. My mum is compassionate. My mum has always right at the tip of her tongue the words that will make you feel better. She came up with many others quotes. “Good things take time”, she said. And then, “The world was not built in a day”. I guess she is right, and on a Monday  like this, that has not been all that productive, I keep bringing her words back. I need them to sustain my creative mood, my entrepreneurial spirit, my will to go forward and accomplish my goal.

It was last summer when I decided to leave my unfulfilling corporate job for the entrepreneurial adventure. Not any entrepreneurial venture: it had to be social entrepreneurship. There’s no other way for me to do business, other than that.

We are now in first days of April and I’ve been working on my project What.Eve.Wears. for a bit more than half a year. It is a Feel Good Fashion project. And feel good fashion is for me the kind of fashion that makes you feel good from the inside, just like from the outside. It makes you feel that you are preserving he environment, the wellbeing of fashion makers and workers in the production line and keeps you safe from toxic dyes and chemicals, as well. Not to mention that you are feeling beautiful, too.

What have I accomplished in the past six months, then? I feel I haven’t accomplished all that much. But, then again, it’s a huge deed to accomplish anything out of nothing. Plus without having the exact know-how in a given country at a given time. Slow fashion maybe was called slow for a reason? Pun aside, slow fashion was called this way to be the exact opposite of Fast Fashion. Which is the fashion we would like to get rid of, actually, as it pollutes the environment nearly as much as the oil industry does. And it practically enslaves workers in order to fulfil huge orders at no time.

But, Slow Fashion takes time. In a country like Greece, where I chose to set up my production, organic cotton and certified fabrics are not readily available. They either have to be prepared for you, if you need a big enough quantity, or just ordered at a retail price from the rest of the world.  So, what have I accomplished, after all? a) I have come up with the brand name (it’s What.Eve.Wears., how do you like it?), b) created the brand image & logo, c) I have launched the landing page and Social Media profiles for my brand  on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, d) I have an atelier equipped with sewing machines and some stock of organic cotton, linen et alia. e) I have created the MVP & I have tested it to a certain extent f) I have found my supplier for hang tags! g) I have taken part in a startup support program, Venture Garden, where I met lovely people and worked on the Business Model Canvas. And, a few other things.

Why do I write all this here today? I just needed to publicly tell myself not to worry. To cheer up and persevere. And I would like to encourage everyone in a similar situation and tell them to not give up. It just takes time to create something out of nothing. Ideas take time to become realities. But, we shall persevere.


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