Upcycle your T-Shirt at Altrimenti

You know how much I love upcycling clothes and coming up with crazy or less crazy (and more wearable) creations! Well, do you know that I also love helping you out with your own ideas & upcycling projects? I actually do and I can prove it 🙂

It’s been more than a year since the first Upcycle your Textile workshop in Luxembourg. That first one took place at the Carré Rotondes, that do not even exist now. Now the Rotondes are round, just as they’re supposed to be and the upcycling workshops are taking place there, instead. I was part of the first team to give tips and a helping hand back then; I even had gals asking help with mending old clothes, which is not exactly upcycling, but, yes, I do know how to mend old clothes and I hope you do, too. It’s a very useful way to throw less stuff away and to use our clothes for longer; it’s an act of conscious living, and can be applied not only for our wardrobe pieces, but for any item in the house that might need it.

Photo Credits: Smiljka Gustak

TOMORROW I am hosting a themed upcycling workshop in a new location: at Centre Culturel  Altrimenti, Centre Convict, 5 Avenue Marie Therese. It’s in Luxembourg downtown, don’t get confused! Over there we invite you to ‘Upcycle your T-Shirt’ and make a new item out of it. It can be a shopper bag, it can be a necklace, a vest, it can be too many things! I will come with some ideas to inspire you and you can bring over your ideas and try them out, get help from fellow upcycling lovers and plenty of tips from myself.

So, what are you waiting for? Log us in your agenda for tomorrow and visit the event page on Facebook for more info.



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