Networking differently: Stylianee @ Hub.Dot

Ladies, have you heard of The Dot Alchemy? It’s a great thing, they’re telling me. Casual networking for women, or networking reinvented. Fist of all, tell me, do you like networking? I don’t particularly do. It stresses me out. So many strangers out there, god knows how much courage one needs to have to go and present himself.

Well, apparently not at the Hub.Dot community. Over there, women encourage women in a warm, fuzzy way, the way they do it in Italy, to share stories, dreams and aspirations. To share challenges, successes and needs. I’ve never attended an event till now. But, I will attend one tomorrow and I’m so looking forward!

To cut the long story short, I’ll be presenting my story at Luxembourg event at Bo Concept tomorrow. Hub.Dot Luxembourg is celebrating two years in this tiny country and the lovely ladies running it have put together a festive event around the theme of, what else?, Fashion! More precisely, ‘Connecting through our love of Fashion‘ is gathering lots of creative minds who will share their stories! I will be the opening speaker of the second session, where I will talk about my very personal connection with fashion, my love for clothes and The Fashion Revolution, and of course my ethical fashion startup WHAT.EVE.WEARS.

hubdot_italiaWherever you are, if you are a courageous lady, follow the link to join the community. You will be able to watch many inspiring videos from ‘ordinary women with extraordinary stories’. If you are in Luxembourg, click here to register attendance to the event. See you tomorrow!


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