My name is Stylianee & I love beauty. My love comes with conditions, though: little treasures need to be  beautiful, not only from the outside, but from the inside, as well. That means, my beloved objects and garments need to be ethical & sustainable, i.e. to respect the planet and its inhabitants, as well as the human body. Sweatshops & children labour involved? Shame. Toxic fabrics & environment-threatening production techniques? No go. One size garments? A joke.

Raising awareness against Fast Fashion is a need. Campaigning for up cycling, recycling, re-using, swapping and the like is second nature.

Searching all over the net to bring you news, brands, events and to tell my story. The Odyssey of a first-time entrepreneur towards the creation of a Feel Good Fashion brand proudly made in Europe.

Find me on Twitter & Instagram as Stylianee, or follow my project What.Eve.Wears. to be among the first ones to shop our conscious fashion collections.

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